Transparency, accountability, collaboration and participation are the themes in the Open Government movement.



The amount of data being produced worldwide is exponentially increasing. In a growing number of cases in the public and private sectors, the value of this data is being enhanced by making it ‘open’ – easily discoverable, accessible to anyone and freely usable.


There is a global trend towards a new paradigm where government, business, academia and civil society participants work together to co-create the future and drive changes far beyond the scope of what any one organization could do alone.



A high level of public participation is the hallmark of a great city. Technology is enabling new forms of Open Collaboration that are providing a step-change in the ability of people to be aware of what is going on in the city and to be able to contribute their ideas to public deliberation and active citizenship


Imagine the Possibilities

Cities around the world are leveraging digital technology with profound impact across the public, private and social sectors. In these Open Cities a transformation is taking place in the approach to governance, information transparency, service delivery, innovation and public participation.

Open Calgary is about exploring the relationships and building the connections between Open Government, Open Data, Open Innovation and Open Engagement in Calgary and will provide insight to the significant opportunities that are emerging.


Below is a starting list of resources for the open data community. Please contact us, through the contact form below, to submit more Open resources.

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  • Forum for communication and knowledge exchange
  • Centre for learning and capacity building
  • Network for research and innovation support


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Geoff Zakaib – Executive Director, Open Calgary

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